BikeBiz reports from ML's Derby HQ on all the above, plus Onza and Premium Products

Moore Large show: the latest from Haro, Barracuda and Forme

This summer Moore Large showed off the latest models from Haro, Premium Products and Onza at five locations across the UK.

Starting in Leeds and finishing at its Derby HQ, via Croydon’s Tiger Tiger, Bristol and Northampton, dealers got chance to see 2012 product from the brands in question, plus a little extra if they turned up for the final Derby-set days, but more of that later.

The Tiger Tiger venue proved popular with dealers hoping to chat and discuss the trade face-to-face, rather than just a chance to see new product.

Haro was one of the key draws for the previews. This year the brand was launching its next year lines two months earlier than it did last year. Why? Moore Large said there are a couple of reasons; firstly, getting the new lines under the nose of school children during the holidays is an obvious advantage, giving them chance to see what they like when they’ve got time to spare, ready to influence friends when they return to school. Secondly, Moore Large brought the launch early to make sure competitors didn’t get in there first. 

The latest from Haro includes the eye-catching ZX20. Pitched at the entry level, with a £199.95 retail price and available in orange and white, the colourful frame is indicative of Haro’s 2012 range. Specced by Moore Large’s Adam Garner, the range is increasingly kitted out for the UK and its tendency to favour product in a variety of colours. One case in point is the range of colourful anodized rims available on the UK-specced versions, contrasting with the US favoured black rims. The line this year starts at £200 (with the ZX20) and rises all the way up to around £500.

Price increases are always a crucial matter, so dealers will be pleased to hear that prices have risen by only £10 on many models. It’s a modest increase compared with competitors, the brand tells BikeBiz.

Premium Products bikes have seen a similar price increase, of around £10. And the brand is more popular than ever, we’re told, and in terms of sales is starting to catch up with Haro – it was once one in six compared with Haro and is now one in three. The rise in popularity is due in part to the fact Premium Products now has a dedicated UK team working on all aspects, with improved after market support. The range starts from £300 and now includes four brakeless models.

Onza is another brand going from strength-to-strength. Sales were up 25 per cent in 2010 compared with the previous year, we’re told, and that’s a feat that looks set to be repeated again this year.

One key reason behind that is the rising popularity of the trials scene. Featured heavily in TV talent show comp Britain’s Got Talent, and boosted by stars of YouTube like Danny McAskill, the niche has a lot of factors driving growth. To that end, Onza has four new trials bikes available in October, bringing the number of bikes it offers in the trials sector up to 12.

Barracuda is Moore Large’s house brand. The whole look of the range has been redesigned, with Lauren Smith one of the key people behind that. The revamp includes new fonts for the logo and fresh graphics to bring it up to date. New lines include a junior alloy road bike model and new speed, comfort and terrain bikes. The Comfort line-up includes the H700 low step through for ladies, in 17-inch and 19-inch, and the Speed range includes a unisex 700c.

Barracuda’s children-aimed spin off Cuda has, for the first time, a scooter to tap into that burgeoning market.

While Forme wasn’t advertised on the programme, a sneak peak of the 2012 range, including models that had yet to be finalised, was on offer to dealers at the Moore Large HQ. Forme will be officially launching in October in open day, with a launch in Derby, Scotland and in Ireland in the works.

The pics of 2012 models in this article are not final versions, simply late prototypes, we’ve been asked to stress.
The brand has come from just five road models in March 2010 (which sold out within six weeks of launch), to 21 for the current 2011 range including road, MTB and other sectors. Next year Forme will have expanded again to 40 models, Adam Biggs tells BikeBiz. Forme will be more accessible for 2012, with entry level starting at a £300 price point (rather the previous circa £400). And while access to the brand will be wider for customers, Forme is also to beef up the range at the higher end, with carbon hard tails, super lightweight frames, a full suspension model and much more planned.

The dealer network currently stands at around 200 and Forme is also breaking into the triathlon market with a ‘super competitive’ model. Full branded components – from the likes of FSA, Easton and Schwalbe – will feature too.

Next year the brand will be launching ‘Forme Coach’ – a coaching package available for different levels run by pro-cyclists. And, while not confirmed at time of press, Forme is also hoping to have a Pro Team put together in the near future.

For more details, contact Moore Large directly on 01332 274252.

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