'Hologram tech' boosts body's natural energy field. Beckham, Di Caprio and De Niro are believers

Moore Large links with celeb-endorsed Power Balance

Moore Large is set to distribute Power Balance‘s line of celebrity-endorsed unique energy field enhancing products.

The Derby-based firm will bring the brand’s product range exclusively to the UK cycle industry. Celebs spotted wearing the Power Balance bracelet include footballers David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, F1 driver Rubens Barrichello and film stars Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert De Niro.

According to the firm, Power Balance is a performance technology that uses holograms embedded with frequencies which react positively with the body’s ‘natural energy field’, apparently improving balance, strength and flexibility.

The products work on the basis that almost everything has a frequency inherent to it, with some frequencies reacting positively with the body and others negatively. When the hologram comes into contact with the body’s energy field the body can interact with the natural, beneficial frequency stored in the hologram. The result is, according to Power Balance, improved energy flow throughout the body.

A spokesperson for Moore Large said: “It is rare that you come across such a unique product that works so well with our retail base, and in turn our retail customers. From the moment we tested Power Balance we realised the benefits it could offer cyclists, from the professional to the commuter. We are delighted to have secured exclusive rights to this product.”

Power Balance MD Mark Woodhead added: “We are delighted to be partnering Moore and Large in this exciting period of growth. Our unique product, coupled with their knowledge, respect and penetration to the cycling trade, is sure to provide a winning formula. We look forward to working with the staff at Moore and Large to continue the Power Balance success story.”

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