Moore Large launches COVID-19 in-store branding pack

Moore Large has launched its COVID-19 in-store branding pack.

The distributor is working with Nottingham-based printer, Stirland Paterson, to bring the range of branding designed to give customers clear and simple instructions on key social distancing, contactless payment and sanitation, as well some bicycle-specific artwork, for example, a “bicycle service and repair” poster.

“As life starts to resume and we all start to move towards a new form of normal, we want to make sure our customers have everything they need to ensure their stores can operate as safely as possible in this still very unpredictable time,” said a Moore Large statement.

“We have witnessed our customers adopt a range of different strategies to ensure they have been able to operate under the stringent measures needed to save lives during this pandemic and are proud to have been able to help them, continue to keep Britain moving, in a way not many industries have managed.”

The packs include:

– 1 x A3 poster (we are open bicycle service and repairs)
– 1 x A2 poster (social distancing 2m)
– 2 x A4 posters (X1 wash your hands, X1 social distancing)
– 4 x 300mm diameter floor vinyl (2m social distancing)
– 1 x A4 strut card (contactless payment)

The packs can be ordered online now:

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