Mondraker now shipping bikes in 100% recyclable packaging

Mondraker bikes will now be shipped in 100% recyclable packaging, the brand has announced.

The brand says it has been making a concerted effort over the last few years to become more sustainable and environmentally aware. To take steps toward this goal and to further play its part, for the 2022 season and beyond, all packaging used on its new bicycles will be 100% plastic-free and 100% recyclable.

No zip-ties, plastic or foam will be found in the boxes, it added, and everything can be easily recycled locally by dealers. The new boxes have been designed from the ground up, in-house at Mondraker, to be easily recycled by the end-user. All external and internal protective elements have been custom-made to save landfill waste.

All adhesive tape used is made from rice, the security seal on the box is made using potato pulp and the adhesives are organic. The boxes also include two reusable Velcro straps, so the packaging is recyclable and reusable. Outside the box, organic, biodegradable ink is used as well.

One of the key design parameters of the new boxes, as well as using only 100% recyclable materials, was that the bike should be at least as well protected as in the past. According to Mondraker, the result of the new packaging is that the contents are ‘actually better protected than ever before’.

The brand has reduced the boxes’ overall volume when compared to the old ones too, which saves on shipping space, and assembly times can be reduced by the end-user thanks to the new internal layout inside the box.

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“At Mondraker, we believe that it makes perfect sense for us to mirror the e-vehicle we create and that we should generate the least waste possible from its manufacture, all the way through to the end-user,” said a statement.

“Therefore, we are committed and ethically obliged to generate the least possible pollution in all phases of production from start to finish. We know this isn’t the whole solution but it is certainly a progressive step towards a goal.”

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