Mondraker launches new MIND integrated telemetry system for suspension setup

Mondraker has introduced MIND, the ‘world’s first’ fully integrated telemetry device for mountain bikes.

After more than three years of development, Mondraker’s Foxy Carbon and Crafty Carbon will incorporate the discrete hardware which makes up the MIND system, offering riders the possibility to set up their suspension with the help of the myMondraker app.

With MIND and myMondraker working together, the brand said the rider has “all the tools necessary to set their suspension up perfectly even without any prior knowledge of suspension adjustment”.

MIND is made up of four wireless components. The main hardware unit is hidden inside the steerer tube and includes the front sensor which in turn reads the strength of the magnetic field given out by the magnet placed on the top of the fork legs. At the back of the bike, there’s a small sensor fixed to the top linkage of the Zero suspension system which works in conjunction with a magnet fixed to the main pivot point. These two sensors working together send all the information to the myMondraker app once a ride is finished.

“Offering World Cup technology to non-professional riders is our target,” said Luís Martínez, Mondraker’s global product manager. “It’s been an uphill struggle to develop an integrated system which offers simple and comprehensible data for all types of rider but we’ve done it.

“Obtaining real information from one of the least understood parts of a bike will allow our riders to unlock the full potential of their bikes. Our unwavering aim is to make Mondraker riders better riders.”

Miguel Pina, CEO of Mondraker, added: “We’re truly excited about MIND because from now on we’ll be pedalling with a full-blown telemetry system built into our bikes. Regardless of how we feel on each ride, we can now compare these feelings with real data and that’s priceless!

“I’m even more excited that everyone who rides a Mondraker will from now on be able to enjoy the benefits of a properly set up bike. When I’m riding in the mountains I see a lot of badly set up bikes and that won’t happen with MIND! Each and every rider, regardless of their skills set, fitness will be able to set their suspension up quickly and easily.

“To sum up, all MIND users will achieve two things: more speed and more fun.”

Initially, MIND technology will only be built into the 2021 performance Mondrakers, the Foxy Carbon and Crafty Carbon range. The brand said it plans to implement the system throughout a broad range of XC, DH, enduro and trail models over the next few years.

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