The project has been three years in the making, but the handmade frame is arriving imminently

Moda’s UK-made carbon frame arriving this summer

Retailers and riders will finally be able to get their hands on Moda’s UK handmade carbon frame this summer.

Following a number of refinements over the years, Moda is set to launch its UKCP (UK Carbon Project) frame, which will come in three sizes initially – 52, 54, 56cm with 50 and 58cm versions coming later.

Moda’s James Ryan told BikeBiz: "The second prototype frame came out weighing in at just under 800 grams, giving us the ability to develop the technical aspects of the internal layup of the frame to improve the ride characteristics.

"Because each frame is hand made we are looking into the possibility of offering a tailored frame for each owner based on their riding style, weight and discipline. We are currently waiting to see the results from independent testing of the frame to ensure that we conform to all the relevant industry standards but are confident that these will all be met."

Ryan revealed the project started three years ago after a conversation with a store owner and Moda dealer, who himself was a competing triathlete but also – handily – owned a carbon carbon composite factory, working in the automotive industry.

"Something as a UK brand that we were keen to have the ability to do was to be able to say that we not only assemble our bikes in the UK but also hand build them too – the obvious application for us was to be a frameset.

"Working on this project has taught everyone involved a great deal. For us as a brand it has been a fantastic opportunity to be involved in something so unique.

"We began this project three years ago which may seem like a long time but this is something we never needed to rush. As well as enjoying the process we wanted to create something that’s not just a marketing opportunity but a product that you would want to own and ride ever day."

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