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Miss the Moore Large show?

Moore Large significantly upped it’s offering to dealers attending its Today’s Cyclist show this year. Mark Sutton travelled to the Derby HQ to discover brand additions, jump, spin and hop competitions and much more…

Shown for the first time at a Moore Large exhibition, alternative drivetrain components label Microshift is now in stock with the Derby distributor.
That gives dealers access to a three tier product range, made up of the entry level Centos, mid-level Bona and high-end Arsis drivetrain components. At the performance end you’ll find a glossy ‘white’ version of all Arsis components too, providing those with white frames a matching groupset. Derailleurs are currently available in eight, nine and ten speed.

Also new to the stable, Michelin adds to Moore Large’s rubber stocks and brings with it new technology such as the Protek Max, a Eurobike gold award winner.
The tube features a squarer profile, with bumps protruding from the main surface to prevent the tube twisting in the rim basin. Furthermore, this tube differs from standard tubes, which when punctured naturally split. The Protek Max compresses when piercing, giving the sealant inside a better chance of holding all of the pressure, no matter the size of the protruding object. At £10 a pop, they’re not the cheapest on the market, but they will keep your customer rolling for longer without incident. Both Presta and Schrader valve tubes are available.
Further to this, Michelin recently introduced the Pro4 line, in varying levels for both competing and casual road riders. The Pro4 series all carry a tough 110 or 150 TPI casing and come in a £37.99 Endurance variation for extra longevity, the 165 gram, Comp Limited for optimised grip and low rolling resistance and Pro 4 Service course for top speed in all weather conditions. There is also a standard Comp tyre retailing at £43.99.

Joining the already well stacked line of silicone-covered ‘sausage locks’, Knog’s Party Coil was shown. Designed as a versatile secondary security lock that rolls up and stays compact, the 1.3 metre coil houses a 10mm braided steel and fibre core cable. The shackle is an 8mm stainless steel unit and there are 1,000 unique key combinations.
The Moore Large show also saw the entire Blinder range in one place with a 50-gram Road Blinder with 290-degree illumination seen in various designs.

Jagwire has been heavily investing in making the dealer’s life as simple as possible in the past few years, creating workshop tools to service its products, colourways to match the pickiest customers requests and 30 metre shop rolls, also in seven of its most popular colours.
Hydraulic hoses for mountain bikes now come in 12 colours, while road cables continue to cater to the brand-loyal with a Bianchi Celest cyan shade now in the range, alongside SID Blue cables for Rock Shox fans and ‘titanium’ and ‘carbon’ coloured cables for those with a taste for the exotic.

Social continues to be well received by dealers and this year expands with several new aftermarket components, including a prototype sprocket in regular and spline drive seen at the Derby show.
Perhaps the most popular of the new bits are the £12.99 Budgie pedals, keeping things realistic for pocket money budgets. It was explained to BikeBiz that Social aims to keep things ‘realistic’ price-wise for the BMX rider. The three stems, in front, top and rise variations all come in at £44.99 and are sold in a variety of colours to match the market’s current trends.
Three seats – a slim, medium and ‘extra padding’ version with a tough Kevlar rear join the catalogue.
Meanwhile, the disorder frame at £289.99 provides strong value against market competitors with every tube tapered for strength in the right places and the rear end heat treated to take some of the weight out. If you looked closely, you’d have also seen integrated chain tensioners, ideal for the street or park rider.

Premium Products
The big news from Premium Products is the arrival of signature products from BMX superstar Chad Kerley and Connor Lodes. Kerley’s signature frame and tyres are now in stock, with the frame costing £299 and coming in 20.5, 20.8 and 21-inch top tube sizes. Moore Large currently only holds the black version of the frame, but will bring in limited amounts of the gold and silver colourways later this year.
The Lodes bars will retail at £69.99 and come in 8.5 and 8.75 rises.

If you missed out on the £1,000-a-pop limited run of Freestyler frames, of which just 50 came to the UK, they’re all gone now.
Never fear though, because old-school dads can get their kids involved in the brand now with the Z10,16 and 18 bikes. The Z10 is a pedal free scoot bike for toddlers, while the Z16 and Z18 are ideal first bikes for kids, each with a built in ‘handle’ in the back of the saddle to assist parents in stablising the child during their first experience of cycling.

Haro-developed race label Cliq has a few new exciting products for the race specialists out there, including the £800 Blackout complete bike, a competition ready build kitted out with the best of Cliq’s own parts.
The Addict forks were also shown with a 20mm enclosed dropout. We were told the label currently has a 20mm axle hub of its own in the works.

Plenty of eye-catchers from Forme, but unanimously the most popular were the newly introduced Formeula road bikes for kids.
Interestingly, Moore Large has opted to supply each of the three bikes with two sets of tyres in the box, enabling the customer to choose whether they’ll be using the bike more on or off road in store.
Specced with Moore Large’s own One23 components were possible, the build quality looks spot on, especially with strong colourmatching throughout. BikeBiz was told that this line will expand in future and prototype models were seen to be already in development. At present the line spans £99 for the 24-inch model, £449 for the 26-inch wheel and £499 for the 700c build. Stock lands during April.
Elsewhere, the show saw the debut of Forme’s first 29ers – the Winscar range – in stock now and hitting price points from £1,699 for a smooth weld frame to £3,499.99 for an internally routed carbon frame.

Plenty of new gear from shoe brand Lake, who have embraced the BOA lacing system in an even bigger way in 2013, bringing the technology to a £120 MX175 shoe with a full leather upper for the first time.
Also spotted was a new mountain biking ‘boot’, the MX145, hosting two BOA dials for a tailored fit from top to bottom. Expect this to land in September and cost around £170.
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