MIPS creators receive 2019 Polhem Prize

MIPS has announced that founders Peter Halldin, Hans von Holst and Svein Kleiven have been awarded the 2019 Swedish Engineers Polhem Prize.

The MIPS-patented Brain Protection System (BPS) is designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.

“MIPS is a fantastic testimony of technological innovation that makes a difference in everyday life through improved safety for recreational and professional athletes,” said Ulrika Lindstrand, president of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (Sveriges Ingenjörer).

“A helmet equipped with MIPS solution enables relative movement between the head and the helmet and takes into account the impact from all angles. In this way, we mimic the brain’s own protection system and thereby reduce the risk of both minor and more severe brain damage,” said von Holst.

“Being awarded the Polhem Prize is a great honor for us,” continued Halldin. “Our ambition has always been to reduce the risk of brain damage for helmet users worldwide. We believe that protection against the rotational motion in helmets should be as obvious as having a seat belt in cars.”

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