Sustrans has announced that it has reached its target and completed its lottery funded project to build 6000 miles of cycle paths. Sustrans said it will continue to expand the National Cycle Network and will complete 10 000 miles by 2005

Millennium Commission hands over final pile of cash to Sustrans

Mike O’Connor CBE, Director of the Millennium Commission said: "As we celebrate the completion of the first 6000 miles of the National Cycle Network, I am delighted to see lottery money enabling people to make the choice to cycle rather than drive.

"The National Cycle Network is delivering social, environmental and economic benefits right across the UK. It is helping to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, and encourage people to get active which will have long-term health benefits for everyone using the route. As Sustrans extend the Network over the coming years the effects will continue to be felt across the UK.

"The Millennium Commission has made an important investment in alternative transport, but as the final payment of our £43.5 million grant to Sustrans is made we hope that other organisations will come forward and continue to build on this investment, leaving a lasting legacy that will be enjoyed now and for years to come."

John Grimshaw, Sustrans’ director and chief engineer, said: "With the ending of the Millennium years it is perhaps good to reflect on this constructive time and recognise that we have laid a foundation for the regeneration of cycling and walking in the years to come."

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