Belly-of-the-beast piece – written by BikeBiz exec editor Carlton Reid – explains why cyclists ride in the middle of the road.

Middle of the road article goes viral on motoring website

An article headline "Why do cyclists ride in the middle of the road?", published yesterday, is going viral on a motoring website. Hate piece? Far from it. It was written by BikeBiz executive editor Carlton Reid and gives the readers of a cyclist’s eye view of the so-called primary position. 

Reid explains that cyclists are advised to "ride central on narrow roads," by the Department for Transport

He also reminds readers of the popular motoring website that "motorists – unless their cars concertina like Autobots from the Transformers movie – ride two abreast all the time, even when driving solo."

The piece has had more than 4000 Facebook "likes" and nearly 500 "retweets." The photo accompanying the article was taken by Reid and features his son, Josh. Pére Reid assured his Twitter followers "no children were harmed in the making of this picture."


In a similar vein, "Ride Wide Media" created this funny video:


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