Israeli spoon-bender Uri Geller has launched the Uribike, a "bend it, bag it" folding bike. One of last year's 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" celebs, Geller is also one of Michael Jackson's friends but he's yet to put the troubled singer on the Uribike. Gloria Hunniford's bum has been on one, though... UPDATE: Uri Geller has read the following piece, is "hopping mad", says Gary Green, and is consulting his lawyers with the intention of suing...

Michael Jackson’s mate gets into the folding bike market

The Uribike – a re-badged Bike-in-a-bag – costs £299 and ships with a Reevu helmet. The pic above shows Geller with his bike at his Reading, Berkshire home.

Bike-in-a-bag bikes are sourced from China by Alfred Murray Ltd. of Chilworthy, Somerset. went live last night and is a site registered by Gary Green, Reading-based sales director of Alfred Murray Ltd.

According to Alfred Murray Ltd., the £250 Bike-in-a-bag "is built in one of the best cycle factories in the world to the very highest engineering standards, but by buying direct from source, you will save around 40% compared to our folding-bike competitors."

On Geller’s website it was once possible to buy t-shirts touched by Geller himself, infused with his psychic powers. Has each Uribike been similarly touched?

Gary Green wouldn’t be drawn, and has asked Uri Geller to call

How many Uribikes will be sold? Geller possibly knows in advance because his psychic enterprise, The Uri Geller Business Consultancy, makes predictions about future market trends, telepathically assesssing the strategies of the competition, advising on new places to drill for oil, or dig for gold. The Financial Times once reported that Geller charges £1m for his prospecting services.

This isn’t the first time the Fulham supporter has been involved in the fuggin’ bicycle business.

Before he was tragically crushed in 2000 by a lorry, Bruce Bursford used Geller’s pyschic training and advice to reach 207 mph on a bike sat on rollers. This record-breaking bike – with a chainset on steroids – was going to be spun off as The Ultimate Bike, a bicycle Geller said was the most advanced ever made.

Bursford and Geller partnered to found Technical Perfection, a manufacturing company for the production of the carbon-fibre monocoque Ultimate Bike.

"The Ultimate Bike will change the way the world thinks about cycling forever,” said an optimistic Geller in 1997.

"It will not rust and is entirely unaffected by extremes of weather. You could send it to the bottom of the ocean for a century, haul it up and still ride it. It is also a beautiful object in its own right – like a work of art. I should know, I have the one that broke the record hanging on my wall at home."

Pic of Geller, Bursford and the Ultimate Bike:…/ub11.jpg

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