Met to release new Codatronca helmet

Met will release the new Codatronca helmet in December.

The helmet is a short tail aero helmet, designed and engineered to let the head move freely in multiple positions while remaining aerodynamic from all angles.

The front face of the Codatronca has a wide design that guides air over the rider’s shoulders.

The ride and recovery magnetic shield is designed to enhance aerodynamics and is optimised to have an extensive and completely free field of view.

The brand has said the magnetic buckle makes it easier and faster to fasten the helmet, and has claimed the feature reduces triathlon transition times.

Three vents are strategically placed where the airflow creates maximum pressure.

Met has said it is able to provide a good amount of ventilation to avoid overheating, without creating turbulence.

The all around belt offers 360-degree adjustment, there are three positions for vertical adjustment and two positions for occipital adjustment.

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