Open Road went down in flames late last year owing £565 000 but, rising from the ashes, is Jim McGurns new business, The Company of Cyclists

McGurn launches events company

Some of the cash for the relaunch came from old shareholders of Open Road who, cynics would point out, prefer to see McGurns projects rather than profits. 150 old shareholders were offered free shares in the new company, 50 of them took up the offer, with some contributing generously to McGurns latest vehicle.

As founder and editor of New Cyclist and co-founder and one-time editor of Bike Culture and Encycleopaedia, McGurn has proven his editorial prowess all his magazines and books get rave reviews but, as hes keen to admit, keeping a business together is not one of his strong points.

And hes also realised where Open Road made most of its money: the publishing projects ate cash, achieved critical acclaim but showed little return, Open Roads events and consultancy work, on the other hand, turned a profit, says McGurn.

Whilst The Company of Cyclists will publish books a second edition of the Mike Burrows design book is planned it will mainly concentrate on event promotion and organisation.

The events will feature the standard Bike Culture mix of Encycleopaedia-type bikes, some of which McGurn may try to buy from Smith & Williamson, Open Roads liquidator, others which McGurn retained before Open Road collapsed.

Events planned so far include:

Lincoln Bike Culture Week

21st to the 28th July

The Northern Ireland Cycling Festival

June 2nd and 3rd

Bike Weekends in York (various dates)

A series of cycling weekends…intended for anyone who wants to extend their cycling abilities and knowledge. Running from Saturdays to

Mondays, they contain practical fix-your-bike sessions, impartial buying

advice on bikes, accessories, clothing etc, free use of a wide range of

interesting cycles, evening activities, and short, sociable rides into the

countryside, says McGurn.

Encycleopaedia, the exceedingly catholic cycling catalogue, is to be relaunched by Alan Davidson, the other half of Open Road.

Tel: 01904 778080.

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