The mayoral candidate has unveiled his plans to roll out Santander Cycles (Boris Bikes) across Great London

Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith unveils plans for Boris Bikes

Conservative candidate for London Mayor, Zac Goldsmith has unveiled his plans to roll out Santander Cycles (Boris Bikes) across Greater London.

His plans include bringing Oyster payments to Boris Bikes and implementing cycle hire in four outer London boroughs. His plans also cover improving cycle safety, including overhauling 33 of London’s most dangerous junctions and reducing the number of lorries in these areas, whilst also making them safer. 

Commenting on the pledges, Acting Director of Sustrans London, Matt Winfield said: “There is a really big gap between how cycling friendly London is and what it could be, including the gap across the Thames in east London. 

"We want London’s new Mayor to bridge the gap. More Londoners might hop on a hire bike if it’s an easy tap of a card, but it’s vital this goes hand in hand with safer and better routes, whatever part of London they are. Continued investment in Quietways, Superhighways and safer junctions is what London needs.

"London wouldn’t be where it is today on cycling without the leadership of a bold Mayor. Behind the headlines, we hope Zac is keen to set high standards for the bike routes he would build and we welcome his commitment to funding.”

 This comes after the news that Sustrans has welcomed the support of labour candidate Sadiq Khan’s London manifesto

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