Mayor of Bristol completes VOLT’s e-bike challenge

The Mayor of Bristol has completed VOLT’s e-bike challenge – to cycle to as many of his mayoral engagements across a two-week period as possible.

Marvin Rees completed the challenge last week and over the period had cycled to and from work every day, as well as riding to all engagements in Bristol, bar one.

The challenge was set up by VOLT to raise awareness of electric bikes as a viable alternative to driving in the city of Bristol and to inspire people to embrace a more active day-to-day lifestyle.

Rees said: “Encouraging people to try active and sustainable travel options is key to our ambition to improve people flow across Bristol. Giving residents realistic alternatives for moving around the city and connecting them to people, jobs and opportunity is essential as we continue to grow and make Bristol a more inclusive place. Cycling is also an accessible way for people to fit in physical activity.

“I hope that by taking part in this challenge I have inspired others to discover the benefits of active travel for themselves.”

In 2008, Bristol became the UK’s first Cycling City which, when matched with local funds, brought with it over £23 million of funding that was invested in infrastructure, better facilities and training for children. It now has more people cycling to work than Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle and Liverpool combined.

However, congestion and transport remain as some of the main challenges the city faces – with massive impacts on the environment, economy and air quality. To try and address these challenges there is a city-wide commitment to increase active journeys to work (including cycling) by 15% by 2033.

Lyle Metcalfe, co-founder of VOLT, added: “Research shows that nearly three-quarters of the UK population still never cycle. Our aim is to change the way people view cycling, by making it as accessible and inclusive as possible. That’s why we are engaging with mayors across the country to lead by example, by getting on an e-bike themselves and showcasing the enjoyment and feasibility of active travel.”

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