At a meeting of the CTC National Council on 10th November councillor Colin Clarke had tabled a resolution calling for the resignation or dismissal of the CTC's director, Kevin Mayne. The resolution failed.

Mayne stays as director of CTC

The proposed resolution did not find a seconder among the twenty CTC councillors present. It therefore fell without discussion.

Peter Latarche, chair of CTC National Council, said:

"The Chairman and Executive Committee’s view that the motion was based on a single person’s misunderstanding of the relationship between Council, policymaking, and the Executive. The Director was vindicated, and lack of support for the motion showed a solid vote of confidence [for Kevin Mayne]"

But Latarche said the intervention deflected resources and interest from "the real changes at CTC, changes that CTC’s National Council believes will bring lasting benefits to our members and the whole cycling community."

The meeting reaffirmed CTC’s central commitment to cycle touring and considered how CTC is equipping its staff to work for cyclists as part of its five year plan, Vision 2000.

"These developments will strengthen and enhance CTC’s capacities, responsiveness and status. In this context the CTC leadership regrets the fact that it has had to deal

with the negative stories generated by the actions of one individual," said Latarche.

"Council reported clearly on its financial strategies to CTC members in our August members’ magazine. The meeting confirmed that, having put losses associated with foot and mouth disease behind us, we enter a new financial year in good financial shape and our finances are under close control by council."

CTC is outsourcing some of the work previously conducted by in-house staffers, including the research involved with the compilation of ‘Cyclists Welcome’, the new name for the CTC handbook, due for launch at the Outdoor Show in March 2002.


Saturday’s council meeting was also attended by Jean Paul Lammonier, senior vice-president of the French Cycle Touring Federation. He had been invited as part of the five-country joint initiative to develop a new European Cycle Touring Union in which CTC will play an active part. After the address the meeting voted unanimously to take action to try to found the ECTU.

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