Max Bikes PR’s Keith Jepson on CORE’s digital showcase COREbike Online

Tell us about COREbike Online and how it came about.
It’s very difficult to host physical events at the moment and of course, COREbike the show, didn’t happen in 2021 because of the pandemic. The CORE group or event owners wanted to create a digital showcase for the event and brands involved, a website that reflects the COREbike ethos and the values of the event.

The COREbike organisers wanted to create a platform that brings the latest products to dealers throughout the entire calendar year and not just for the short period of the event. COREbike Online allows exhibitors to promote their brand, product, lifestyle and athlete videos and news in an accessible and easy to use way. The website will be regularly updated with fresh content from all the CORE exhibitors.

What does the website hope to achieve/what is its ethos?
The ethos of the website is to take the event out of the conference hotel and create a resource where dealers can access product news, launches and information throughout the year. The videos can also be viewed by the general public, which is a departure for the COREbike family. Unique content has been created for the website by many of the exhibitors, reflecting the personable and engaging relationship that COREbike has with the UK market.

We are hoping to return to Whittlebury Hall in January 2022 for a physical event if the pandemic allows, but in the meantime, we are proud and delighted to have a website that reflects the show and brings the COREbike values to both trade and consumers every day!

What else do you have planned for it?
We plan to continue growing the site with refreshed content, particularly with new product launches and lifestyle videos which really show the benefits of products, showing them in use and truly aspirational. Videos will be constantly updated as we hope to make the website an amazing resource for both new products and historical products as we move forward.

Visitors to the site can search for videos by genre, product or supplier, giving easy to navigate access to creative, informative and interesting videos. We plan to keep pushing the website, growing it and making it fit seamlessly into the COREbike portfolio of services.

How has the industry responded to it so far?
The industry has responded really well! We have an excellent array and quantity of videos to launch the site and the trade visitors/numbers so far have been very strong. Dealers can use the site as a promotional or sales tool and we are actively encouraging the trade to share the website and promote it in their communication channels. As mentioned, this is COREbike’s first product that is both trade and consumer-facing and we hope that the website will be really engaging for both the store and the rider.

What is the significance of the website being available to the consumer as well as the trade?
This is a new departure for the COREbike group, but we simply wanted to create a website that both dealers and consumers can use. In this digital age, we think it’s essential to have an online presence and we wanted it to be open and accessible. This is the first COREbike service open to the end consumer, so we shall see where and how it goes? That said, it is great to engage with the rider!

What place do you think digital platforms like this will have when physical events return?
Ideally, the digital platform will work alongside the physical event. We love to host the event, but it’s also great to keep the COREbike brands and values in front of both the dealers and consumers all year…and not just at the time of the event.

If you are a COREbike exhibitor and have not been involved in the website so far, please drop Keith Jepson a line on Special thanks to the COREbike Group, Si Watts from SiWIS the creator of the website and to all the COREbike exhibitors who have supported the website with amazing videos.

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