Tim Jackson, brand manager for Masi bicycles, gets a great pic and a fab write-up in today's New York Times, a perfect piece of publicity for the first day of nterbike. Masi is the road bike brand owned by BMX company Haro.

Masi Guy headlines NY Times blog plug

The NYT piece starts: "Tim Jackson sure has a lot of critical opinions about the world of cycling. Carbon frames, velodromes — Mr. Jackson writes about them all on his blog. When the 2006 Tour de France winner, Floyd Landis, was stripped of his crown for testing positive for a banned substance, Mr. Jackson posted a plea to get drugs out of sports. And when new bikes have fallen short of his expectations, he has not minced words.

"Sure, he writes about his company’s products on his blog, at masiguy.blogspot.com. But when he writes about other stuff, he could potentially raise eyebrows with the people who sign his paychecks."

Jackson said:

“There have been a few occasions where I have made folks in the company nervous with the types of things I have written. It’s a fine line between being seen as objective and being seen as attacking somebody.”

His blog was featured on BikeBiz.com in March last year. Jackson also founded the Kool Aid PR and marketing bike industry blog.

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