Deluxe brand owner diversifies into a brand solely focused on the front fork

Mark Noble launches ‘And Forks’ dedicated BMX fork brand

Mark Noble, current owner of trails brand Deluxe BMX, has revealed a new project dubbed And Forks, targetted solely at the manufacture of the front fork.

In an interview with BMX Union, Noble explains that he’s not keen on expanding the current Deluxe line further, though had been seeking a new project. He told the site: "Now that Deluxe is established and running well, I was looking for something else to work on. I didn’t just want to make Deluxe forks, and plenty of people have asked us about that, as I didn’t want to expand Deluxe’s product line any further and just become one of those bike brands that wants to make everything. I had a few new projects in mind, and this one makes total sense right now – a brand focused on forks. That’s all we’ll make. It means we can really focus on it, without worrying about tons of other products or whatever, and we can simply aim to make the best forks out there. Forks are way too important to balls-up."

And Forks will be debuted at Interbike, which begins today.

Working alongside rider and friend Josh Betley, Noble has revealed that to begin with two models will be available, one carrying a 23mm offset and the other a 33mm. Noble added: "Both have full 4130 construction, with butted and beautifully tapered fork legs, CNC machined one-piece steerer, 5mm thick dropouts with 10mm slots, integrated bearing race, and a CNC machined aluminium compression bolt."

Unlike trails-inspired brand Deluxe, And Forks appears to be targetted at a broader range of riders, especially if the early team line up is anything to go by – names such as Niki Croft cropped up in on the rider list.

The full BMX Union interview can be found here.

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