Research commissioned by Ivobank suggests 81 per cent of those with internet access will turn to e-tail this Xmas

Majority of Christmas shopping to be done online?

“Convenience is coming in ahead of lower prices” this Christmas according to market researchers at Ivobank.

Consumers were surveyed ahead of the frantic buying season and the verdict was returned that as many as 88 per cent (29.09 million people) confirmed they plan to buy at least one Christmas gift online. Additionally, more than a 25 per cent of those questioned stated they were planning to buy 11 or more gifts online.

“The fact that so many people throughout the UK are planning to buy at least one if not all of their Christmas gifts online this Christmas represents a huge opportunity for UK online retailers," said Martin Peterlechner, director of commercial development at Ivobank.

“Offering reductions or low-cost products on your site are all well and good, but if people cannot access the required products on a retailer’s site when it’s convenient for them, the retailer won’t be able to take advantage of the festive retail rush,” added Peterlechner.

The survey also found that the group most likely to buy at least one gift online this Christmas is those aged between 18 and 24 years of age.

Research giant GfK NOP has also found that the UK now has 33 million online adults. This figure accounts for 68 per cent of the UK’s 48.61 million adult population.

An in depth article by TheRetailBulletin can be found here.

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