Centic Safe Haven, the Canadian front-mounting childseat, is now claimed to have a 65 percent market share in its domestic marker. UK importer Simon Goude of the Goude Design Group told bikebiz.co.uk that UK sales are rising too, especially after the seat was featured in the London Evening Standard last week. It has now been picked to appear on French TV and Goude is seeking stockists in mainland Europe

Mainstream media exposure raises profile of eyes-front childseat

Goude sold 100 seats in the first week of delivery.

Stockists now include the two Mud Docks, Mosquito Bikes Wheelie Serious in London, the Alpine Bikes chain in Scotland, Cycle Heaven in York and, er, Harrods.

Goude is not shy in coming forward and was successful in getting his award-winning Indicator gloves widely featured in the mainsteam media last year. Contacts gained during his last PR splurge helped him this time round too as the Evening Standard carried a report on the Centric Safe Haven seat in Friday’s edition. This mention was picked up by a French TV company who want to feature the seat on a programme about latest products from various EU countries.

The Goude Design Group will be displaying its products (Phat Cycles, Indicator gloves and the Centric Safe Haven) at three shows in 2002: SOLTEX , the ski show (Manchester, February); the Cycle and Leisure Show (NEC, March) and the The

International Cycle Show (London, September).

Goude said: “The International Cycle Show comes on the eve of the new £5 charge for motorists driving into central London. This should create a very positive effect for the cycle trade in the South East and we intend to be at the forefront to offer alternative and sustainable means of transport with all the accessories to boot. We are very enthusiastic about next year.”

And he’s not forgetting this year:

”There’s still time for IBDs to get their Centric stocks in for Christmas. Come the Spring time the seat has the potential to take a large chunk of the UK market. This has certainly been the case in Canada where they have claimed a 65 percent market share and as the MD of Centric-Safe Haven Marketing explained to me, the seat has actually increased the size of the market because customers have bought the seat when they might not have been in the market to buy a child seat at all.”

As well as supplying IBDs in the UK, the Goude Design Group is looking

to supply IBDs in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and other EU countries direct from its HQ in Letchworth Garden City.

The Goude Design Group will trade in Euros. The company is considering exhibiting at ISPO Munich and at Eurobike, Friedrichshaffen.

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