Magura presents new eSTOP and e-bike optimised technology

Magura has launched its new eSTOP, two disc brakes that are specially adapted to e-bike requirements.

In combination, the new Sport pads and the MDR-C and MDR-P brake discs offer increased braking power and stability. Magura has presented specially optimised components – ‘Magura e-bike optimised’.

The new eSTOP brake models are specially-reinforced brake discs with increased lateral rigidity and heat resistance, and they now have even greater stability and reduced vibration, Magura has said. For maximum requirements, the two-piece MDR-P is also available in 220mm diameter for the first time. The Sport brake pads with shortened braking-in time and longer durability stand for reliability and safe power.

All components are available either individually, as eSTOP brake sets or as upgrade kits.

Brake discs – MDR-C and MDR-P
Magura has presented two new brake discs with “increased performance, enhanced stability and reduced vibration.” Thanks to an additional rigid element above the six-hole mounting, the MDR-C brake disc is the new and ideal all-rounder – for city, trail and e-bikes, Magura has said. The improved lateral rigidity reduces vibrations and noise during braking and the MDC-disc also has improved heat resistance and increased stability.

The MDR-P is a brake disc for performance-oriented riders and tough tasks – from downhill and e-bikes to heavy cargo bikes. Compared to the MDR-C, the two-piece disc saves weight and for the first time, it is also available with a 220mm diameter.

A feature of the two-piece disc is the patented interlocking of the outer and inner rings (Dovetail Interlink technology). The interlocking provides additional support for the inner ring if the outer ring expands due to heat. In contrast to floating discs, the torque is transmitted to the dovetail-shaped toothing over its entire surface instead of just the rivets. This increases the rigidity of the brake disc and the degree of heat dissipation under continuous load.

Thanks to this new technology, the MDR-P is the “most powerful brake disc in the Magura portfolio,” it has said, yet it still offers riders low weight and reduced vibration. A version with a 220mm diameter provides additional stability during long braking manoeuvres, especially for MTB gravity use.

Sport brake pads
The organic Sport brake pads are suitable for everyday and sports biking – and especially for use on e-bikes. They are positioned between the Magura Comfort and Performance pads in terms of braking performance and durability. Thanks to their shorter braking-in time, the new Sport pads are also ready for use very quickly.

MT eSTOP brake models
The MT5 eSTOP and MT4 eSTOP rely entirely on components optimised for e-bikes, Magura has said. In combination, the new Sport pads and the MDR-C and MDR-P brake discs offer increased braking power and stability. Magura is offering two models, one with two pistons (MT4 eSTOP) and the other with four-piston brake callipers (MT5 eSTOP).

Magura is also offering upgrade kits to optimise Magura MT models for use on e-bikes. The Upgrade Kits consist of Sport pads and MDR-P or MDR-C brake discs.

Availability: from autumn 2019

Price MT5 eSTOP RRP = €114.90
Price MT4 eSTOP RRP = €94.90

Pad 8.S RRP = €19.90
Pad 7.S RRP = €17.90

MDR-P RRP = €55.00
MDR-C RRP = €30.00

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