Magura presents MT5 Fabio Wibmer signature brake

Magura has presented the first MT5 Fabio Wibmer signature brake with four-piston brake power.

The new MT5 Fabio Wibmer brake offers “massive braking power and the finest possible degree of modulation”. The brake is limited to 2,000 sets worldwide and each set has an RRP of €269.90.

In addition to the purchasing option available at Magura dealers in Europe, Magura also offers the MT5 Fabio Wibmer online via click and collect. Retail customers can order the brake online, collect it and pay at their preferred dealers throughout Europe, with no transport costs.

Weeks before the start of the campaign, MBPS informed its affiliated specialist dealers in Europe about how to register for the click and collect procedure, and the popularity of the campaign with dealerships “exceeded all expectations”, Magura said.

The high number of registrations ensures broad European coverage of Magura click and collect specialist dealers for the sales launch on 5th August. MBPS also sees the clear information on the limited availability of the brake on the website as a ‘clear advantage’.

With this coveted special edition, MBPS has simplified the purchasing process for retail customers and is also aiming to strengthen the sales of its bricks-and-mortar specialist dealers. In the future, MBPS will continue to focus more on the click and collect sales channel. Its sales team sees this as a modern way of combining the advantages of online purchasing with those of the bricks-and-mortar dealerships.

Interested Magura dealers can get more information at and register for future click and collect campaigns with their Magura customer numbers.

The dealer registration phase for the MT5 Fabio Wibmer sales campaign has now closed.

The MT5 Fabio Wibmer:
Lever blade: 1-finger HC
Pistons: four
Design: black and gold
Weight: 250 g
RRP: €269.90 (one brake set excl. brake discs)

More information about the brake is available at

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