Goodbye Batteries Ltd. of Newcastle upon Tyne is soon to take delivery of its first shipment of flashing LED lights powered by magnets attached to the spokes of bicycle wheels. The product was designed in Denmark by a Bang & Olafsen engineer. In Scandanavia, motorists must drive at all times with headlamps on, this is the equivalent for bicycles, says the UK importer, who has the distribution rights for the rest of the world outside of Denmark.

Magnet-powered LED lights are always on, need no batteries

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Those are the meta-tag keywords IT specialist Mike Pederson has put on the website for

"There is no need for batteries or dangling wires – never, ever!" says the website.

"Physics, electronics and common sense have come into play to create the ‘must have’ safety product for your bike.

A crystal clear case covers two LEDs. Each light has two LEDs, red or white. An adjustable black steel arm holds the light at the correct position. The arm fastens to the wheel axle using the wheel nut on the bike.

"The powerful magnets are slotted onto the spokes of the wheel, and that’s it. Front and back lights – for ever!"

Each time the magnet passes the LED unit equals one flash. Going faster or adding more magnets leads to faster flashing.

The lights cost £19.99 for a rear and front set. Extra magnets cost £4.99 per set. The Goodbyebatteries website has no details about trade ordering but Pederson said he will have a trade price structure in place soon, with trade-specific log ins for the website.

Currently, consumers can sign up for a commission-based affliliate programme and print out handlebar tags to get friends and other cyclists to order the products online.

Pederson, an IT specialist who introduces Scandanavian companies to the UK market, told the lights are one step up from reflectors and a lot cheaper than dynamos.

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