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Madison to carry Outdoor Tech label

Madison has signed up audio label Outdoor Tech with product set to be shown as soon as IceBike.

Dominic Langan, Madison CEO, said: "No longer does Sir Cliff need to be wired for sound thanks to Outdoor Tech and Bluetooth. You can now be outside, in all weathers, doing your thing and take your tunes out with you. You are definitely more than likely to want this stuff."

“Outdoor Tech is very happy to have Madison as our exclusive Distribution partner for UK," added Bobby Ali, Outdoor Tech. "Madison has an impressive staff and catalogue of brands that we happy to now say we are a part of. The UK is a very important market for ODT and Madison is the leader in the market building brands and relationships with the top retailers in the region.”

All products in the ‘Swag’ line will be in stock toward the end of February.

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