Firm's MD speaks out to BikeBiz

Madison reveals 2009 plans

Ahead of next week’s IceBike event, Madison MD Dominic Langan spoke to BikeBiz about the firm’s impressive last year, and what’s next for the distributor.

Langan told BikeBiz: "Madison has nearly doubled in size in the last three years, but I am sure 2009 will be a challenge and we can’t expect our industry to be immune from what is happening all around us. As a company we are very optimistic about the outlook and all sales trends remain positive."

"We will be very cautious this year as that is the only sensible plan of action. I guess it all depends on the depth of the recession and the big concern is overall loss of jobs in the UK and the consumer’s ability to spend money on anything other than essentials," Langan added.

"I wish I had the answer. For every negative about the current economic crisis, I could try to match each with a positive as to why our industry could do well. But, I guess, only time will tell."

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