Madison launches virtual trade e-catalogue on B2B platform

Madison had launched a virtual trade e-catalogue on its B2B platform.

Catalogues always have been a central tenet of the cycling industry – but a downside of a print catalogue is that they’re printed only once a year and can quickly become out of date. The virtual trade e-catalogue will be continuously updated with the latest prices and products, remaining up-to-date throughout the year to help shops keep informed on everything that’s new in Madison’s product ranges.

It’s not just product and price updates that’ll be a benefit of the catalogue, said Madison – it will also show live stock levels, so instead of thumbing through the print catalogue with B2B open too, users can do both in the same place for the first time. Other benefits include the ability to access from any device (not just a PC), it’ll be usable by consumers in-store and a reduced environmental impact because it’s hosted online rather than printed on paper.

Dominic Langan, CEO of Madison, said: “We are really excited about delivering something really new to the market and for Madison to be leading the way with innovative ideas to improve how we can service the needs of our customers and reduce our impact to the environment.

“The new Madison Virtual Trade Catalogue is always up to date, with the latest brands, live stock levels and the latest pricing. This virtual catalogue can be accessible on all digital devices and by all staff, so you are no longer searching for the well-thumbed annual trade catalogue.

“The Madison Virtual Trade Catalogue is fully integrated into your MadisonB2B account too, so you can seamlessly place orders and even use alongside the consumer in your store.”

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The Virtual Trade Catalogue will be live on from today, 14th February.

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