Stu Thomson produces five minute video for Channel 4's Concrete Circus

MacAskill and MTB Cut produce another viral

Danny MacAskill, alongside long-time friend and film maker Stu Thomson, has produced yet another trials video that seems to be going viral.

Though not quite at the dizzying heights of his prior hits, in the first week online hits are more or less incalculable, much thanks to multiple uploads of the video. The offical channel for MTB Cut is found here.

Dubbed Industrial Revolutions, the duo worked alongside Ayrshire Railway Preservation and Scottish Coal to gain access to some otherwise unrideable obstacles. The five minute flick was filmed for Channel 4 ‘s documentary ‘Concrete Circus’.

Below MacAskill’s flick you’ll also find another flick aired on Conrete Circus on Monday night, this time featuring flatland legend Keelan Phillips.

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