Raleigh is to unveil its new corporate look, and restyled bikes, on Valentine's Day at the first of four road shows in February. BikeBiz sneaks a preview of the new logo and comes away impressed

Love at first sight

The new look is bright, cheerful, positive, modern and down-tube friendly. But the biggest news is that Raleigh will be able to supply the bikes from stock. Er, that’s from February 14th, not some time in the indeterminate future.

The production line started churning out the new bikes before Christmas and the company is confident it can meet demand, and meet it with immediate delivery.

This is a departure for the Nottingham company. Last year’s bikes were largely well received, but availability was less than satisfactory, even in crucial periods such as the fourth quarter when the majority of mass market bikes are sold.

Whereas 2000 and 2001 were both ‘bad news’ years for Raleigh (ie the Sturmey Archer debacle, Derby Cycle Corporation filing for Chapter 11 protection from creditors, Italian-made children’s bikes that dented Raleigh’s name in a key segment), 2002 is starting off on a much better footing.

There are now less people at Raleigh but inter-company confidence has been rebuilt, from the shop-floor upwards.

There’s a buzz in the air at the Triumph Road HQ, a tangible sense that a corner has been turned.

Raleigh’s new look and the new bikes will be supported by lots of new PoS materials, all of which are also available from Feb 14th onwards.

In order not to steal Raleigh’s thunder, BikeBiz.co.uk will not be revealing the new corporate look until Valentine’s Day itself.


Top: The ‘no peeping’ sign is from a revamped Debenhams store in Nottingham

Below: The old Raleigh logo (never very downtube-friendly) with the new one peeping through. From a teaser invite to Raleigh’s Feb 14th launch day.

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