The cycle-and-pedestrian bridge - from Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf - will be a key crossing point in a 450-mile long network of mainly traffic-free cycling and walking routes across London that "could be used by Londoners and visitors during the Olympic Games and into the future," said project coordinator Sustrans. The charity is seeking online votes to demonstrate support for the plan.

London to build ‘Olympic’ cycle bridge

The project – GOAL 2012, Greenways for Olympics and London – plans for the traffic-free routes to include paths down from Broxbourne through the Lee Valley in the North, up from Croydon in the south and Wimbledon in the south west.

One of the key routes in the GOAL proposal is the East London Elevated Greenway which would connect many communities of east London directly to Olympic Park. The five-mile route, which follows the line of the "historic" Northern Outfall sewer, "will provide a safe and attractive way for local people to get to and from the Games," said Sustrans.

It will also link areas that are currently poorly connected and provide signed, traffic-calmed routes via schools, hospitals, cultural attractions, parks and green spaces and businesses.

John Grimshaw, Sustrans’ CEO said: "During the Olympics 78 percent of spectators will be travelling to the Games from within London, with 4 million people living within a 40-minute cycle ride of an Olympic venue.

"We believe that Sustrans’ experience of developing award-winning cycling and walking routes puts us in a unique position to add the missing element to the 2012 Olympics – a truly green network to make cycling and walking a realistic and appealing option during the Games and for future generations of Londoners."

Sustrans is currently working with TfL and others to develop the proposals in readiness for the Olympic decision making early in this New Year.


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