Judge rejects application

London taxi drivers lose Cycle Superhighway court challenge

Work on London’s cycle superhighways will continue after taxi drivers lost a High Court challenge today (reports the BBC).

The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Assocation (LTDA) raised the challenge last year over the Victoria Embankment on the Westbourne Grove to Tower Hill route. It argued there would be disruption over the lanes which would take up space (a point that our executive editor Carlton Reid argued over at length with LBC’s Nick Ferrarri).

The LTDA’s said the contruction, without planning permission, was a "breach of planning control". The judge rejected the application.

The cycle superhighways are not without their critics, but the majority are in favour – 73 per cent – with opposition from 20 per cent.

Those in favour include firms like Microsoft, the Royal Mail and Deloitte, while those opposed include the Canary Wharf Group and Collins Builders.


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