Layout and design to be reviewed at all junctions, says Kulveer Ranger

London Cycle Superhighways to be reviewed amid safety concerns

Transport for London is to review junctions across the city on the network fo Cycle Superhighways.

Following a series of campaigns from cyclists concerned by the layout at some accident blackspots, the Mayor’s director of environment Kulveer Ranger told the BBC: "Work is beginning on how London gears up to move to the next level of cycling infrastructure and continuing to improve safety for cyclists. That work will include an assessment of Bow Roundabout, which TfL have been asked to report back to the mayor on as a matter of urgency."

Around 200 cyclists held a vigil for two victims at Bow Roundabout at 6pm yesterday, which is covered in more detail on the iBikeLondon blog.

The Mayor’s office is now under pressure to explain why it seemingly ignored recommendations by consultants relating to cycle safety on the CS2 highway in particular. More on that toward the conclusion of this article.

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