Meeting set to take place on December 12th (tomorrow) will decide required regulations for trucks using the capital

London Councils put HGV safety paper before Transport committee

A paper detailing the interaction between HGVs and other road users is to go before the Transport and Environment Committee tomorrow.

Compilled by London Councils, which represents London’s 32 borough councils and the City of London, the paper will be discussed by those at the December 12th meet, with a view to implementing changes to benefit cyclist interaction with large vehicles.

If passed, the London Lorry Control System permit conditions would be amended to require the fitting of cycle safety features to vehicles, such as side guards and additional mirrors.

London Councils is a cross-party organisation that works on behalf of all of its member authorities regardless of political persuasion.

Oliver Hatch, public affairs manager at London Councils and the ex-director of Velo-City, told BikeBiz: "We are confident that this paper will get approval and can be implemented quite quickly following consultation."

The primary goal, accordin to the paper is: ”To agree to progress the proposed actions including consultation on the amendment of the London Lorry Control Scheme permit conditions to require the fitting of cycle safety features to vehicles, such as side guards and additional mirrors.”

At present, Construction and Use Regulations do not require the fitting of side guards, so that in collisions with cyclists, the cyclist is more likely to be dragged underneath the lorry’s wheels.

TfL are said to be considering local legislation and incentives to push operators to make their trucks safer.

The meeting will commence at 2.30pm with the Committee’s decision published shortly after.

A full pdf itinery and points for discussion can be downloaded here.

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