Tired of taking your helmet/bag/paraphenalia with you whenever you lock your bike up?

Lockable bike basket comes to market

Bike baskets have been around for decades, but the number of lockable versions are perhaps surprisingly thin on the ground. Sweden’s LocGear has produced its own lockable bike basket, which it says is the world’s first.

The product came from the experiences of one Lena Mattsson, who cycles daily in Swedish capital, Stockholm, but grew tired of worrying that someone would snatch her bag from the bike basket or suffering the inconvenience of having to bring her helmet and a rain jacket into all her meetings. Mattsson also questioned why it is the norm for motorbikes and scooters to have a lockable section while it isn’t for bicycles.

Mattsson said: "It works perfectly, protecting against both theft and dirt and rain. Now I can easily leave my helmet and raingear in the basket when cycling to meetings or to buy food. I also hope more people now will use a helmet when they bicycle as it is much easier to store it.”

Fitting ‘just about any model of bicycle’, the lockable bicycle basket costs €49.97 and can be purchased online through the website LocGear.se. We’ve asked if the basket will be available to bike shops to stock too.

UPDATE: The firm has been in touch with BikeBiz. Ultimately it is aiming for other bike shops to stock the product, but so far the basket can only be bought via the online site above and Swedish store COOP FORUM.


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