Livall launches new range of smart cycling helmets

Livall has announced that its new BH51M Neo and BH51T Neo helmets will be available in the UK from 23rd September.

Both helmets will introduce two new features for maximum visibility, front-facing bright LEDs and automatic brake warning lights.

The BH51M Neo is the flagship model and brings with it all the existing features of its predecessor, the BH51M, in addition to the new features.

Patrick Daniels, managing director of Second Chance, said: “We’re so excited to be going into Q4 with brand new products in the Livall range, these helmets are packed with genuinely useful smart features, opening up the benefit of new technology in the cycling industry to the masses.”

The BH51M Neo features bright front and back LED lights and brake warning lights which are activated when the built-in gravity acceleration sensor detects a significant deceleration. The front and rear lights will be enhanced for three seconds to draw attention from surrounding traffic.

Fall detection alert means that in the event of an accident, the emergency system will kick in automatically and send the user’s GPS location to their emergency contacts via SMS message.

It also has voice navigation and GPS directions can be listened to via the built-in speakers and the connected smartphone.

Indicator signals allow riders to alert traffic of their turning direction to enhance their visibility. Smart lighting means the lights can be set to come on automatically in dark conditions

The anti-loss alarm is activated when the helmet is connected to a phone and if the distance between helmet and phone exceeds 15m, both the helmet and phone will alarm.

Auto-off ensures maximum battery longevity, turning off automatically when the helmet is disconnected from the phone and not operated within 15 minutes. The SOS alarm by pressing the red button on the remote for five seconds. Emergency contacts will receive an alert SMS message with the GPS

It is compatible with Strava, iHealth and Siri through the Livall Riding app.

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