Litelok launches bike theft protection scheme with Yellow Jersey

Litelok, the Welsh high-tech lock manufacturer, has launched a bike theft protection scheme with bike insurer Yellow Jersey.

When secured with a Litelok, the firm’s Theft Protection Scheme will pay for the replacement of any stolen bike anywhere in the world, subject to terms and conditions, with fees that "compare very favourably with bike insurance policies". 

Professor Neil Barron, founder of Litelok, said: “We’re really putting our money where our mouth is – we’ve got great locks that are all Gold Secure-rated and which deter and prevent a lot of thefts.

“However, given enough time and/or specialist tools, thieves can defeat any bike lock – especially when using portable angle grinders. But, by securing your bike with a Litelok and using this scheme, we can provide the ultimate peace of mind.”

Only available for purchase when purchasing a Litelok, the scheme has a starting annual fee for Litelok Gold purchasers of £20 for a £1,000 value bike. A £5,000 value bike costs £40 a year to protect. Gold Liteloks do not incur any excess, while owners of the soon-to-launch Silver Litelok are only liable for £100.

Ryan Georgiades, managing director, Yellow Jersey, said: “Partnering with Litelok made perfect sense. We have been selling Liteloks on our own website for over a year now as we believe them to be one of the best locks on the market.

“We’ve worked with Neil’s team to provide a bespoke, simple product to ensure that Litelok customers have the ultimate peace of mind when leaving their bikes locked up.”

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