Lime launches advocacy partnership programme

Lime has launched a new advocacy effort called Lime Action, aimed at transforming one million of its riders into advocates for safer streets, and more equitable and sustainable cities.

Through direct engagement and an easily-accessible online platform, Lime Action connects riders to advocacy organisations focused on safer streets for active transportation, racial and social justice, and environmental sustainability – all focused on strengthening their local communities.

“As people around the world are taking action to support racial justice, safer streets and cleaner air, we are excited to provide a platform for our millions of riders to turn their passion into action,” said Katie Stevens, head of global policy at Lime. “Lime Action connects our riders with local grassroots organizations making meaningful change in their communities. We’re proud to help riders strengthen their hometowns by getting involved in efforts to create safer, calmer streets, reduce congestion and harmful emissions from car traffic, and fight systemic racism and injustice.”

The Lime Action partnerships and organisations will enable riders to engage on issues that range from those directly impacting their rides, such as safer streets, to making transportation and our cities as a whole more equitable, and to helping make our world more sustainable:

Safer Streets: Lime riders are often encountering bike lanes for the first time on a scooter– and quickly discover how street space issues between cars and other modes of transportation can affect their safety. Lime Action will provide a way to translate this awareness into action to support campaigns for safer street infrastructure, including bike lanes, greenways, and cycle tracks.

Social Justice: Lime believes in strengthening our cities, and that goes beyond safe infrastructure. That’s why Lime Action partners with local organisations supporting reentry for formerly incarcerated people, addressing institutional racism, providing career training and meaningful employment, and increasing opportunities for underprivileged youth.

Sustainability: The COVID-19 crisis has driven home the impact car travel has on our local air quality, with major improvements to clean air in cities when car use is minimized– but these reductions are already being erased as cities begin to recover. Lime riders already help to contribute to reductions in car use, with a quarter of all rides replacing a car trip, and all trips being powered by 100% renewable energy. Lime Action provides additional ways to support cleaner air by getting involved in local environmental and sustainability campaigns.

Lime Action has built partnerships with organisations and campaigns in over a dozen US cities to start and will expand globally to more cities and organisations throughout the year. The initiative kicks off in partnership with:

My Block, My Hood, My City, Chicago, IL
Denver Streets Partnership, Denver, CO
Coalition of Communities of Color, Portland, OR
Louisville Urban League, Louisville, KY
Matrix Human Services, Detroit, MI
Los Angeles County Bike Coalition, Los Angeles, CA
New York League of Conservation Voters, New York, NY
Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, Seattle, WA
Walk Bike Nashville, Nashville, TN
Bikemore, Baltimore, MD
Utah Clean Air (UCAIR), Salt Lake City, UT
The Underline, Miami, FL
Livable Streets Alliance, Boston, MA

“Now more than ever we’re seeing the need for healthy, equitable and safe transportation options for our essential workers along with the most vulnerable members in our community. We’re going to need everyone from the public, private and non-profit sectors working together to develop sustainable mobility solutions that will make our region more resilient now and in the future,” said Eli Akira Kaufman, executive director of The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. “LACBC is grateful that companies like Lime are doing their part to support the needs of the community via Lime Hero, Lime Action, Lime Access and Lime Aid in concert with our efforts to make Los Angeles a more liveable region for everyone.”

“New Yorkers have the power to advocate for safe streets and clean air,” said Julie Tighe, president of the New York League of Conservation Voters. “As we adapt to a post-COVID world in which more are turning to new transportation solutions like scooters, our streetscape must meet this new demand. NYLCV is excited to work with Lime Action to connect New Yorkers with our leaders in the fight for low-emission mobility options.”

Through the Lime Action programme, participants and partner organisations will have access to a variety of advocacy tools, including:

Lime Action Center: A platform built with Phone2Action hosting partner campaigns and membership pages, filtered by city.
Rider Engagement: Through the Lime app, riders will find ways to get involved in campaigns, initiatives, and Lime Hero donation enrollment.
Monthly Updates: Partners and riders will be able to share information and connect through regular news updates about how to get involved and take action locally.
Advocacy Amplification: Lime will collaborate with each of these partner organizations, helping to share and highlight their work through Lime’s company blog, webinars, live events, and more.

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