Lightweight updates product line-up for 2019

Lightweight has updated its product line-up for 2019, with the new Fernweg wheel and an updated Urgestalt frame.

The company said: "While developing the new Fernweg, Lightweight was inspired by materials used in the aerospace industry and its design is setting new standards in the world of aero wheels. 

"The premium supplier once again lives up to its name and releases an aero wheel for triathletes that generated incredible performance values in the wind tunnel in regards to aerodynamics and stiffness to weight ratio. 

"A truly unique piece of engineering."

Lightweight has also updated its Urgestalt rim and disc brake frames, to offer them in ten colour options.

The new colours are blue, cyan, apple green, yellow, red, purple, light pink, orange, black or classic white.

The brand has said the frame is still “as light as ever”, with the disc version weighing 830 grams and the non-disc version 820 grams. 

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