From the available-from-today Danlite to the Trelock ball-like rear LED, and from Madison's new in-house Photon range to Simon Goude's Night-Stick, bike lights have never looked so good. Many of the 03/04 crop of products from a variety of manufacturers have been hit by a 'wow, that's amazing' design stick. Boring old bike-shop light display stands will look decidely high-tech this year.

Light up winter turnover with illumination innovations

Fisher Outdoor’s Richard Allmark is seen below unpacking the first shipment of Danlite’s, widely tipped to be a top-seller in the lighting category.

But the Danlite is just one of many lighting innovations available on the market this year. Illumination products from Oxford, Wildoo, Basta and Trelock join innovations from independent inventors as well as high-end kit from newcomers such as Fireball. There’s also the light stick from Simon Goude and his Indicator range.

And Madison have top-end lights from US company Light&Motion as well as a new in-house brand, Photon.


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As well as the top-end kit from Light&Motion (see story link below) Madison have just launched Photon, a range of seven models, designed and developed by Will Fripp, Madison’s senior product manager.

Photon is a quality, good-value volume light brand, with upmarket, metallic silver clam and blister packaging packaging, and 50 percent margins. As well as LED front and rear lamps, and LED/halogen combos, there’s the Backupz, a tiny but powerfully bright single LED keyring lamp, moulded so it will strap to a handlebar with the attaching loop. It’s £6.99 retail and will last 90 hours in slow flash mode. The Backupz was launched at the Shimano Sleepless in the Saddle and went down a storm with punters.

Tel: 01908 326000

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Jimmy Tristram is looking for bike company to make and market his ‘Night Bright Tyre’. This was voted best innovation on a vote-in telly prog in the UK and is, er, gyro-powered LEDs embedded in tyres. See

LIGHTRIDER featured this product last year (see link below) but inventor Tudor Davies has now said the first batch of Lightriders will be landing soon. Lightrider illuminates the chest of users as well as the road ahead, making cyclists more visible at night, claims Davies.

Lightrider Ltd

Tel 020 8567 7978

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