Kits for bleeding all kinds of brakes now with Leveret

Leveret Productions to distribute Bleedkit

Leveret Productions is now the exclusive UK distributor of, a label dedicated to fully packaged workshop kits for brake servicing.

Hailing from the Alps, Bleedkit know what goes into producing reliable stopping power and have thus taken their expertise and used it to pre-package service kits for retailers.

The brand’s bleed kits are made up of unique parts assembled using high quality components. Uniquely, a highly pliable tube is used on each syringe that can be clamped and re-clamped to stop the flow of fluid. This tube is glued with industrial glue at each end to prevent air leakage and to prevent the tube popping off under pressure. (The bleed kit was tested for pressure of up to 10 Bar / 145 Psi.) 

Premium edition sets include all you need for bleeding including; bleed block, tools, wrench, all the way down to rubber bands, a big reusable zip tie and nitrile gloves. For peace of mind there are also even spare o-rings included. The bleed kits are available with 250 ml Liquid Moly DOT 5.1. Brake fluid and with 100 ml of top quality mineral brake fluid. 

Leveret Productions will have access to and stock the full range of bleed kits for Shimano, SRAM and Avid brakes.

Leveret Productions owner Chris Smith, said: "We are delighted to add to our portfolio and make this brand available to dealers and consumers. Disc brake bleeding is now common place on mountain bikes and will soon be on road bikes too, and these kits make it simple for workshops and consumers.”

All stocking and sales enquires, trade or consumer, should be directed to

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