Government and local and regional agencies are doing too little to promote cycling, CTC has claimed after the announcement that cycling levels have dropped by four percent in a year.

Levels of commuter cycling in UK drop (Government wants them to rise)

Quarterly traffic statistics released by the Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions (DTLR) show that cycle traffic fell between 2000 and 2001 despite the government’s stated aim of quadrupling cycling, against a 1996 base by 2012.

CTC believes local and regional transport plans are not addressing cyclists’ needs and therefore failing to attract more people to cycling, or retain those that already ride.

Richard Thomas, CTC campaigns and policy manager said: "Too many councils are wasting public money building cycle lanes that give cyclists no protection or take them onto footpaths where there is conflict with pedestrians.

"A commitment to improving road safety and altering motorists’ attitudes towards other road users would be far more effective than the existing litter strewn and pothole ridden strips of coloured tarmac that disappear as the road becomes hazardous.

"We also have a national cycle network which is of value to some cyclists but has failed to increase levels of cycling – as good an indication as any that it should be complemented by other measures. Instead, agencies should be consulting us and our nationwide Right to Ride Network in which we have more than 400 local cycling experts able to advise on facilities that would encourage cycling."

CTC is in the third year of a benchmarking programme which will enable the publication of best practice guidelines for cycle-friendly infrastructures.

The organisation is also about to pilot the first standardised adult training scheme to be launched nationally, with government backing, next year. And in Wales, two CTC run schemes will promote cycling in rural and urban areas.

Thomas said: "These are just some of the things we are doing to encourage more people to cycle. It is high time government agencies matched our efforts by investing far more funds and energy in cycle promotion and facilities."


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