Zoom from L’Equipe celebrates the 100th Tour de France with a photo app for iPhones and iPads.

L’Equipe launches Le Tour photography iOS app

This year the Tour de France is celebrating its 100th edition. The Grand Boucle was founded by L’Auto newspaprr in 1903 as a circulation booster. L’Auto morphed into L’Equipe and this French sports newspaper has created Zoom, an iOS app filled with evocative photos found by rifling through a century of photographic archives.

The app costs £2.99 and has 700 pictures, with accompanying captions (which can be toggled on and off).

According to L’Equipe the app allows you to "travel with the riders on the roads of France and Europe, you will climb summits, cross mountains and seas, brave the rain, the mud and the wind, the scorching heat, across the most beautiful landscapes."

In addition, "you will walk into the rooms of the riders, into places where only L’Equipe photographers had access. You will go down the ravines in which some crashed, you will visit the publicity caravan and its convoy of colourful vehicles. You will relax with the cyclists and share their tragic moments thanks to a unique patchwork of images drawn from the exceptional photographic collection of France’s great sports daily."

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