Leatt releases first range of MTB shoes for 2020

Leatt has launched its first line of 2020 MTB shoes.

The new releases include various additions to the brand’s flagship DBX mountain bike range – the 2.0 and 3.0 flat shoes and the 4.0 and 5.0 clip shoes.

The range, according to Leatt, does not compromise on style, comfort and control. “Your shoes are one of the key touchpoints when riding, so there can be no compromise,” said a statement.

The clip models feature an indexed SPD channel that’s compatible with all clipless pedals. With 25mm of adjustment and specifically 15mm more towards the rear, the shoes can be optimised for gravity riding, while the forward position is designed to aid pedal efficiency.

According to the brand, its MTB shoes can help improve riding skills due to an increase in overall bike control. “The secret lies in the shank, hidden above the sole of the shoe,” said Leatt. “The shank controls the shoe flex which determines what kind of riding it is optimised for. Softer shanks (Leatt 2.0) are optimized for trail riding, mid stiffness (Leatt 3.0) for rigorous riding conditions and the stiffest shanks (Leatt 4.0 & 5.0) maximise pedal efficiency.

“The Leatt Lab focused heavily on producing a highly durable rubber compound called RideGrip for the sole that resists abrasions and punctures. While the WaffleGrip pattern is designed to interlock with pedal pins for phenomenal grip and bike control.

“The mud channels are awesome too, as they keep dirt off your soles, so your feet don’t slide off the pedals or rocks when walking with your bike.“

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