Should motorcycles be allowed in bus lanes in the capital?

LCC urges cyclists to have their say

The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) is urging cyclists to air their thoughts on motorcycles in bus lanes before the January 5th deadline.

Motorbikes have been allowed to use the lanes as part of a controversial Boris Johnson-backed trial, which started in January this year. At the time, cycle groups protested strongly against the measure, with the LCC presenting a 3,000-strong petition against the trial.

The LCC is calling on cyclists to again to have their say before the public consultation ends at the start of 2010.

The organisation highlighted a recent death of a cyclist in a collision with a motorbike in London.

Mike Cavenett, communications officer for the LCC, said: "Even though this fatality didn’t take place in a bus lane, it shows how vulnerable cyclists can be.

"We’re campaigning to reverse the mayor’s trial, and give back bus lanes to cyclists as areas that provide them with greater safety."

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