Deadline is Monday July 21st. Got some last minute questions about how the awards work? Read on.

Last hours to lobby for a BikeBiz Award 2014

Sadly, the deadline to lobby for a BikeBiz Award 2014 is just around the corner. The cut off point is 23:59 hours on Monday July 21st 2014.

Maybe you have a few niggling questions about the awards that have made you hesitate to get involved? Maybe you’re not sure if you can nominate yourself? Maybe you’re wondering if getting all your customers to vote for you will help? Here is our handy FAQ…

Can you nominate yourself for a BikeBiz Award?
Yes. Absolutely you can. We accept nominations from anyone. The quality of the nomination will help you become a finalist, however. Just saying ‘Bernard’s Bikes is brill and should win a retailer prize’ is not as compelling as ‘Bernard’s Bikes has been going out of its way to encourage new cyclists in the local area’. Nominate via

Do I need to get all my customers/mates to lobby for me?
No. Finalists positions will not be based on the number of emails we receive about a particular individual or company or brand.

So who chooses the finalists?
The team at Intent Media will create a list of finalists for each category. This process involves looking at the performance of those nominated over the past year, plus the information provided by the lobbying emails. Once again, we don’t base finalist positions on the number of emails we receive about a particular individual or company or brand.

How come I never get asked to be a judge? Is it just the chums of BikeBiz who get to choose the winners?
Firstly, you are all our friends (especially if you’ve read this far). Come on over, have a brew, our door is always open (in office hours). But getting back to the point, if you are in the cycle industry we would love you to be a judge. Just send us an email saying you want to be one ( We will of course also be harrassing all of our contacts to be a judge – the more the merrier.

What does judging involve? Would I have to attend a special judging meeting? Or wear a wig?
It couldn’t be simpler and involves no time out of the office/shop/wherever it is you work. We’ll email you with a list of the finalists, plus a PDF with some info on each of the finalists, then you pick those you believe are most deserving. No, people cannot vote for themselves in this judging period, as that would be silly. And wearing a wigs while delivering your verdict is not compulsory, but if you can carry one off, please go for it.

How can I attend the BikeBiz Awards 2014 and join ?
Thanks for asking. It’s simple, just buy a ticket – which includes entrance, hot food, a couple of free drinks and chance to mingle with the rest of the industry (they’re not so bad, honest). And let’s face it, half the trade will be up at the NEC anyway for the Cycle Show (which starts the day after the BikeBiz Awards, Thursday Sept 25th to 28th) and chances are you’ll have a load of hungry staffers in need of food and drink, so it’s a win-win, as the trendy people say.

The Awards themselves take place at the Crown Plaza Birmingham NEC, just a stone’s throw from the NEC exhibition hall setting of Cycle Show, on Wednesday September 24th.

Will I need a dinner jacket to attend the BikeBiz Awards?
No, you absolutely will not. But if the team from Havebike decide this is the year they aren’t going to defy convention and come wearing one then we will be pretty disappointed. Here are some more pics from last year’s event.

Got any more questions? Please email us at

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