Chris Carmichael, president and CEO of Carmichael Training Systems, and Hein Verbruggen, president of the UCI, have announced the beginning of a relationship between CTS and the UCI, which will expand the offerings UCI passes along to participants in the UCI's Golden Bike events around the world.

Lance’s trainer partners with UCI for Golden Bike events

Established in 1999, the UCI Golden Bike Series consists of eight ‘Cycling for All’ races/rides across Europe, South Africa and North America.

As a part of their relationship with UCI, CTS will be offering a 30-day Classic Coaching package at no charge and on a trial basis to all cyclists participating in the UCI Golden Bike Series. Having made a year-long agreement, CTS and UCI will succeed in bringing this offering to cyclists at all the eight 2005 UCI Golden Bike events: Toerversie Amstel Gold Race (Netherlands), Tour of Flanders (Belgium), Riderman Cycling Festival (Germany), L’Ariégeoise (France), Pascal Richard (Switzerland), Quebrantahuesos (Spain), Gran Fondo Felice Gimondi (Italy), and Cape Argus Pick’n Pay Cycle Tour (South Africa).

“It is both an honour and privilege to be working together with UCI and to help the UCI Golden Bike Series enhance the experience of all their participants,” said Carmichael.

“Regardless of the event in which an individual is participating, CTS has developed a system and methodology to guide each rider to their most successful UCI Golden Bike experience.”

Verbruggen said: “The UCI is convinced of the extreme importance of the Cycling for All concept, and the ongoing development of the UCI Golden Bike Series is creating one of the strategic bases of this vision. The collaboration with Carmichael Training System can only help to develop the possibilities offered to the participants of the UCI Golden Bike events."

Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) is a community of athletes and coaches, founded by former Olympian, US Olympic Committee Coach of the Year, and author, Chris Carmichael in 1999.

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