Bike insurance provider research calls on local councils to build new bike-only lanes

‘Lack of cycle lanes puts cyclists at risk’

The vast majority of cycle commuters (83 per cent) only have cycle lanes available for less than half their daily commute, according to a national survey made on behalf of cycle insurance provider Cycleguard.

The survey said that over half or respondents – 53 per cent – are only able to spend a quarter of their journey to work in dedicated cycle lanes. Over 80 per cent of those questioned said they preferred travelling in cycle lanes instead of the main road because it feels safer.

The survey also revealed that increasing number of people are taking to their bikes to commute to work, with 60 per cent saying their bike is primarily used for commuting.

Cycleguard has called for the creation of more cycle lanes in Britain’s towns and cities.

“The survey shows government initiatives to get people cycling to work are working,” said MD James Pickering.

“But it also shows those cyclists, many of whom will be new to cycling on roads, are not able to spend enough of their journey in cycle lanes, where they feel safest. We would encourage local councils not to sacrifice any plans to build new cycle lanes in cost-cutting measures this year, and to ensure existing lanes are well-maintained.”

Cyclescheme head of commercial operations Daniel Gillborn added: “We’ve seen a massive increase in the uptake of the cycle to work scheme. It’s therefore more important than ever that cyclists feel they have a safe place on the road, especially during peak commuting times.”

Pickering commented: "We welcome initiatives to get more people cycling, but they need to be backed up with the infrastructure to ensure they feel safe on the roads."

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