The disc-style locks were submitted to Art, Sold Secure, SSF and VdS. They passed.

Kryptonite’s new locks recertified by Euro standards bodies

Kryptonite’s new lockswith the disc-style cylinder and key have passed European testing agency

standards in four countries. Kryptonite resubmitted locks to ART Foundation (Holland), Sold Secure (UK), SSF (Sweden) and VDS (Germany) with the new cylinder. All passed at the same level as they held before the cylinder change.

"As the innovator of the bicycle and motorcycle U-locks, Kryptonite has consistently produced tough locks over the years that pass these strict European testing criteria," said Steve Down, Kryptonite’s General Manager.

"Doing exceedingly well in these tests is a high priority at Kryptonite because it brings our customers peace of mind and lets the market know Kryptonite is still a leader in the Action Sports security category."

The ART Foundation rates products by grading them Level 1 to Level 4, which is the top ranking reserved for products offering theft resistance against all kinds of tools for at least five minutes. Kryptonite’s New York Chain

100 cm (3’3"), New York Chain 168cm (5’6") and New York Noose have all been evaluated at Level 4+ with the new cylinder meaning that they sustained attack for 5+ minutes.

Kryptonite’s Evolution Disc Lock (all colors), received ART Level 4 to join the New York Lock and New York Lock MC. The KryptoLok Plus Standard, KryptoLok Plus ATB, KryptoLok Plus LS, KryptoLok Plus Mini, KryptoLok Plus Mini LS, KryptoLok Plus Standard with 4′ Flex and KryptoLok Plus MC all passed at ART Level 2. Kryptonite’s Stronghold holds a Level 4 rating, which did not need recertification.

Sold Secure, which rates products with Gold, Silver or Bronze, has given the Evolution Disc Lock its highest rating of Gold. Kryptonite’s Stronghold, New York Fahgettaboudit 100 cm (3’3") and 150 cm (5′), New York

Disc Lock and New York Lock also all hold Gold ratings.

Kryptonite’s KryptoLok Plus Standard and KryptoLok Plus Standard with 4’Flex have passed Sold Secure at the Silver level. These two locks as well as KryptoLok Plus Mini and KryptoLok Plus Mini LS have passed the SSF

standards in Sweden.

VdS, which had already passed Kryptonite’s New York Lock and New York Lock MC at its highest level, Klasse B+, has passed Kryptonite’s KryptoLok Plus Standard and KryptoLok Plus Standard with 4′ Flex at its next level Klasse


Kryptonite also has products passed by France’s SRA and NF/FFMC. Kryptonite will be submitting additional locks for testing at ART, Sold Secure, SSF, VdS and others later this year.

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