And out go all-black u-locks. There's some all-new packaging, too.

Kryptonite unveils new brand image

“Kryptonite is a legendary brand name that is constantly evolving to have the most innovative, consumer-friendly products and these changes reflect just that,” said Steve Down, Kryptonite’s general manager.

“The new brand image with a steel-like K depicts the toughness of Kryptonite products while the new packaging is designed to be a simple way to show consumers why they should purchase these locks.”

The US company has made product colour changes within lock series. The New York Lock will still have a yellow and black crossbar, but the new Evolution series locks with disc-style key will have a black and orange crossbar. The new KryptoLok series locks with the disc-style key will have a black and silver crossbar.

“Kryptonite realised having most u-locks completely black was a little confusing at the point of purchase. We have taken that confusion away with the new colour schemes. The lock lines are now easy to identify especially when they are on a complete display,” said Down.

“An added benefit of these color additions is increased visibility when the lock is in use on the street, improving its security value.”

The front of the new packaging has a clean look, said Down, that received high consumer test ratings. The new brand image is the focal point of the new package along with icons showing what items can be secured with that particular product and an updated security rating. The company has changed its security rating system to range from 1 (cable security) to 12 (ultimate security). Each of the cable locks will be rated from 1-6 only; u-locks and chains will be rated from 7-12.

The new brand identity will appear on packaging worldwide beginning the first quarter of 2005.

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