Eight Kryptonite locks have just passed the tough UK automotive and bicycle security standard. The Dutch equivalent - the ART Foundation - has passed 22 Kryptonite products.

Kryptonite locks gain gold Sold Secure ratings

Sold Secure, which rates products with Gold, Silver or Bronze has given the following Kryptonite products its highest Gold rating: New York Fahgettaboudit (both lengths), New York 3000, New York Disc Lock, EV XL, Stronghold and Super Stronghold anchoring systems. They all offered theft resistance against all kinds of tools for at least five minutes. The EV2000 Mini was given a Silver rating.

“Kryptonite is the innovator of the bicycle U-lock and has been making industry-leading, reliable locks for over 30 years,” said Gary S. Furst, president of Kryptonite.

“Developing products that will consistently pass any new criteria the testing agencies deem necessary is a high priority at Kryptonite because it brings our customers peace of mind. We are passionate about not only passing these tests, but exceeding them and frustrating thieves around the world.”

Holland’s ART Foundation has recently changed their testing criteria and now rates products by grading them Level 1 thought Level 4, with Level 4 being the best on the market. Kryptonite currently has 22 SKUs that have been given ratings by this agency. Three products were rated as a Level 4+; the 100cm and 150cm New York Fahgettaboudit and the 130cm New York Noose with New York Disc Lock. The New York Disc Lock and the EVXL were all awarded Level 4 status. Level 3+ was given to the New York Chain (100cm and 170cm), New York Noose (70cm and 130cm), New York 3000 and New York 3000MC.

Kryptonite will be submitting additional locks for testing at both Sold Secure and ART later this year as well as at SSF (Sweden), Verefakta (Denmark) and SRA (France).

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